Two time world bronze medalist is getting ready for summer games!

Carmelita Jeter just missed the olympics in 2008 and she is now training harder than ever to make sure she makes the team. She placed 6th in the 200m olympic trials and 9th in the 100m semi finals in 2008. Since then, she has been trying to make a come back to be on this years team. Each year her times improves and she runs better


Last season, she has placed first in the 100m and at the 2011 outdoor championship running .30 faster than she did in 2008. She also placed 2nd in the 200m. She has already ran faster than her 2011 100m pr and is now arguably the fastest women in the world! She ran 10.64 in the 100m and Flo Jo is the only women who has ever ran faster. So people wonder, what caused the drastic change in her running and how did she get so much faster. Well on her interview with TVC, they asked her, “how did you train to become the fastest women alive?” She responded by saying, “I trained physically and mentally every day because I wanted to be the best. When you want to be the best, it doesn’t stop when practice is over; you need to figure out something else to do that makes you perform better.”

Whatever she is doing now is working because she has already met the standards to run two events at the olympic trials in Oregon. She will be running the 100m and 200m at the trials. The Olympics will be held in London and we all hope Jeter brings home the gold!

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2012 olympics right around the corner!

As the 2012 olympics approach female track stars are doing whatever they need to do to get ready for the event. The female athlete to watch this year will Allyson Felix. She was on the gold medal 4×4 team in the 2008 olympics and she is running better than ever now!  Allyson is 5’6 125 lbs of all muscle. She has the fastest time in the 200m and 400m right now. Going into the London games in the summer the question becomes, “does she try to compete in both the 200m and 400m or does she just focus on one?”

Some people argue that doing both would kill her body and she may end up not winning in either but others say she is strong enough so she should do both. According to The Wall Street Journal Olympics, after running many events, Felix said the format—six heats in seven days, similar to the way the Olympics will be set up—was draining. “After the last event, it all came down on me,” she said. “I was like, ‘I can’t even walk.'”

So what does the olympian do?? should she compete and try to win both events or just focus on one?

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